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Web Content Creation & Management

I’ve written tailored promotional copy for both website launches and marketing campaigns. I will work with your team to develop smart copy that speaks to your audience, and also format and manage information using the content management system of your choice.


Publication Design & Editing

Are you creating a magazine, newsletter, viewbook, or zine? Let me help steer your creative direction. From organizing and editing content, to visual layout and image correction, I can make sure your project is fit for print.



Writing is my first love. Thanks to years of journalism experience, I’m able to research and produce compelling language in a variety of formats including news features, profiles, artist bios, reviews, and press releases. I also have a strong interest in creative writing, and can structure and edit short stories, essays, and manuscripts.


Information Architecture

I can provide a comprehensive assessment of your digital content to ensure that your company website encourages an intuitive, effortless, and engaging user experience.

about me


I am a creative storyteller.

At five years old, I made my first newspaper out of a pack of Post-It notes and a few staples. My love of words, publishing, and creative storytelling has blossomed ever since. I am a freelance writer, editor, and content creator based in Brooklyn, NY. After studying journalism at Temple University, I went on to contribute to publications and companies including Ashoka Changemakers.com, AKQA, Universal Motown, and The Source. I have experience crafting and curating multimedia content, and a passion for indie projects, quirky ideas, and arts initiatives that empower the global community. I also journal, travel, read until my eyes hurt, and will easily destroy a batch of fudge brownies.


Thank you for checking out my work! If you have any questions, or would like to discuss an idea or upcoming project, please feel free to contact me.

  • Email:hi@andreaboston.com